Are South Carolina drivers among the nation’s worst?

There are certain lists that you never want to see your state take the number one spot on. One such list is a “worst drivers” list. Unfortunately, a recent worst drivers list has South Carolina right at the top.

The list was compiled by Car Insurance Comparison. The score which determined a state’s overall ranking on this list was based off of comparisons of the states (and Washington D.C.) in five different categories: careless driving, drunk driving, speeding, failure to obey and fatality rate.

The list puts South Carolina and one other state, Montana, in a tie for having the worst drivers of any state.

South Carolina did particularly badly in the fatality rate, careless driving and drunk driving categories, ending up among the 10 worst states in all three of these categories. When it came to the fatality rate category (this category is based on how many traffic deaths occurred for every 100 million vehicle miles traveled), South Carolina did the worst of any state.

Do you agree with this list? What do you think the overall quality level of South Carolina drivers is? What do you think the state’s drivers are best at? What do you think the state’s drivers are worst at? What areas would you most like to see South Carolina drivers as a whole improve in?

One hopes that all South Carolina drivers will strive to be safe and responsible drivers. If a person is hurt out on the state’s roads as a result of the conduct of a bad driver, they may want to ask an attorney about what legal remedies they might be able to pursue.

Source: GSA Business, “Poll: Upstate votes itself worst of the worst drivers,” Jan. 22, 2015

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