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Cruse ship leaving port.

The litigation of a personal injury case can be protracted and sometimes complex. Many issues can arise, and the parties may disagree at every possible juncture. It is then up to the trial judge to decide the various pre-trial, trial, and post-trial issues that arise.

A recent federal case sheds some light on some of the pre-trial issues that may come up in a personal injury case.

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In injury litigation, sometimes there is but a single defendant – the driver of a car or the owner of a small business, perhaps. Other times, however, there are multiple defendants and multiple claims. A seemingly simple case can quickly get complex.

Defendants often resist being brought into a lawsuit and will avail themselves of every available opportunity to ask for a dismissal of the case against them. While a thorough accident attorney can spend countless hours researching a case so as not to omit a possible wrongdoer, it is ultimately up to the court to decide who stays and who goes.

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Johnson and Johnson has agreed to a massive $2.5 billion settlement regarding their DePuy ASR metal on metal hip replacements.  There are two key deadlines.  The first is a Jauary 6th, 2014 deadline to register your case.  The second is a April 1, 2014 deadline to opt-in to the settlement.  There is much work to do for each deadline, so you should contact an attorney IMMEDIATELY!  Qualified patients will receive a base award of $ 250,000.  Although lawsuits continue involving mayother metal on metal hip replacements such as Biomet M2A Magnum, DePuy Pinnacle, Smith & Nephew, Stryker Rejuvenate, Stryker ABGII Modular Neck System, Wright Conserve, Wright Profemur, and Zimmer, those are not included in this settlement.  If you have questions call Patrick E. Knie Attorney tol free at 1-866-665-4995.