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Dash Cam video recorders are now common in large trucks. They record what the driver is seeing ahead of him. Some record the actions of the driver as well. Others even have cameras to the sides and back of the vehicle. The capabilities of these cameras continues to grow. Certain dash cams can be monitored by dispatchers and others to insure the driver is driving safely and paying attention to the traffic ahead.

Having a knowledgeable attorney in the area of large truck accidents makes a big difference in your case. Unfortunately, most large truck accidents result in serious injury or death. Preserving evidence at an early stage is critical to a successful outcome to one’s case. At Knie & Shealy Law Offices, we sent out preservation letters immediately to all potential responsible parties to ensure that critical evidence is saved by those parties. We also hire accident reconstruction experts to interpret the evidence we receive aa well as human factors experts to see if the truck driver was reacting reasonably.

Not only are dash cams present in many large trucks, they are also present on most police cars as well.  There can be valuable information on them because, not only do they record what the scene looks like immediately following the accident, but they also record sound including eyewitness statements.  Of course most police now wear body cams which also record sound as well.  Such evidence is obtainable under a freedom of information request or by subpoena.  the combination of large truck dash cams, police car dash cams, and body cams can create strong evidence to win a case case in court or settle it very favorably.

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