New developments in Johnson & Johnson talc based Baby Powder cases

Recently the federal judge overseeing the multi-district litigation involving claims by over 16,000 women that Johnson & Johnson’s talc based Baby Powder causes cancer ruled that the claimant’s experts were qualified and could testify in upcoming trials against Johnson & Johnson.  That was great news.  Then two weeks ago Johnson & Johnson announced it would stop selling its talc based Baby Powder.  Once again more great news, but Johnson & Johnson still won’t admit that it’s talc based Baby Powder causes cancer.

There have been multiple large verdicts against Johnson & Johnson over the past few years totally billions of dollars, but Johnson & Johnson continues to aggressively fight these cases and appeal all unfavorable verdicts against it.

Johnson & Johnson was also forced to recall a lot of its Baby Powder in 2019 when after the FDA disclosed that a sample had tested positive for asbestos.  Sales have been dropping off since that time with many major retailers pulling the product off their shelves.

Johnson & Johnson’s decision to stop selling this product came months after Bausch Health Cos. announced it would stop selling its talc product Shower to Shower.

With the numerous lawsuits now filed against Johnson & Johnson and many more expecting, there are those who expect that at some point Johnson & Johnson will have to explore settling all the pending lawsuits.

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