How do you know if you need a lawyer after a crash?

The question we pose in this week’s post title is one that is commonly asked here in South Carolina as well as other states across the nation. That’s because even though just about everyone knows that they can seek compensation after an accident, those same people also often have concerns about whether they should or not.

Those who never receive an answer to this question typically don’t file a claim for compensation, thereby missing out on funds that could have been incredibly beneficial to them. So how does someone know if they need a lawyer or not? By asking yourself some of the questions below, you might find the information you need to answer this bigger question for yourself.

Was the accident a direct result of someone else’s negligence? Having the answer to this question is the first step towards determining whether you need a lawyer or not. As you may know, negligence can be grounds for a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Because of the intricacies of the law though, you may want to obtain a lawyer if you decide to file a claim.

Did the accident cause any injuries or property damage? Property damage and serious injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident can add up quickly, which typically leaves people in a financial bind. If the accident wasn’t your fault though, you may want to seek funds that will cover these unanticipated costs. With the help of a lawyer, you can make sure that you receive a fair amount and not a low-balled settlement.

Are you getting push back from the negligent driver’s insurance? While some claims after an accident can go smoothly, others may not. A victim could experience pushback from the other driver’s insurance company, leaving them feeling frustrated and unsure what to do next. Lawyers often act as the middlemen in situations such as this though and can greatly reduce many of the legal headaches people experience after a crash.

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