Roads expected to be especially crowded this Memorial Day weekend

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, which means that many people here in South Carolina, after finishing up their work day, will be taking to the roads for some holiday traveling. They may find the roads to be particularly crowded this year, according to estimates from AAA-Carolinas.

The motor club estimates that, this weekend, around 452,000 motorists from South Carolina will be taking automobile trips in excess of 50 miles. If this estimate and the motor club’s estimate for North Carolina motorists (around 980,000 taking trips in excess of 50 miles) hold true, the Carolinas are set to have the heaviest Memorial Day weekend traffic they’ve seen in nine years.

The roads are expected to be the busiest this afternoon, this evening and Monday evening.

Traffic safety is especially important when traveling in heavy traffic; when the roads are packed, deviations from safe driving can lead to significant auto accidents. Sadly, last year, there were 13 traffic fatalities in South Carolina during Memorial Day weekend.

Thus, one hopes that all drivers here in South Carolina make sure to be well-rested and completely free of impairment when getting behind the wheel this weekend, and that, when they are driving, they have their attention completely focused on where it should be, on the road.

Of course, while driving safely can greatly reduce your chances of being involved in an accident, it, sadly, cannot completely eliminate this possibility. The safest driver in the world can be involved in an accident when another driver acts negligently. Thankfully, when another person’s negligence causes an auto accident, the innocent victim will often have options to seek monetary recovery for the harm they experienced in the crash.

We hope that all of our readers have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend and that South Carolina’s roads will be as safe as possible over the weekend.

Source:, “NC, SC forecast to see heaviest Memorial Day weekend travel in almost decade,” May 21, 2014

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