In February GM issued a massive recall of more than 2.6 million cars on models where it was suspected that faulty ignition switches were automatically turning off and preventing airbags from deploying.  GM has known of the problem for over a decade and failed to take action until after 13 deaths occurred.  In 2005 a Maryland woman died when her 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt crashed into a tree after an ignition switch shut down her car’s electrical system and the airbags failed to deploy.  In 2012, GM identified four crashes and four corresponding fatlities (all involving 2004 Saturn Ions) along with six other injuries from four other crashes attributable to the defect.  Congress is now investigating the long delay and silence by GM regarding the defect.  iF YOU OR A FAMILY MEMBER BELIEVE YOU HAVE SUFFERED INJURIES IN A GM PRODUCT DUE TO A FAULTY IGNITION SWITCH OR AIRBAG FAILURE, WE CAN HELP.  CALL PATRICK E. KNIE LAW OFFICES FOR A FREE CONSULTATION AT 1-866-665-4995.

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