Blow the Whistle on Medicare or Medicaid Fraud

A federal law gives protection to those employees of hospitals, doctor’s offices and others who blow the whistle on those who are defrauding Medicare and Medicaid.  While other private citizens can also blow the whistle, over 70% of all claims come from employees within the healthcare system.  $35 billion has been recovered since 1987 when the law was toughened.  The “False Claims Act” makes it unlawful to “knowing present or cause to be presented a false claim for payment or approval.”  The False Claims Act (FCA) allows private individuals to bring actions to expose these offenders and, if successful the whistleblower can receive !5-30% of any amount recovered.  Whistleblowers have received as much as several million dollars for helping to disclose dishonest healthcare providers.  If a whisltle blower is retaliated against by an employer, the whistleblower can receive, in addition to his or her award, double damages plus attorney fees.  IF YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE THAT A HOSPITAL, DOCTOR, PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY OR MEDICAL DEVISE COMPANY IS OVERCHARGING, CONTACT PATRICK E. KNIE LAW OFFICES AT 1-866-665-4995 AND LET US HELP.

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