Gaffney woman killed in hit and run near assisted living facility

Residents of assisted living facilities are generally allowed to come and go as they please. They may be asked to sign in and out so that staff members are aware of the residents’ whereabouts, but assisted living facilities typically offer residents more mobility than would a nursing home. However, depending on the circumstances of a particular case, negligence on the part of facility staff could still factor into why a resident suffered injuries.

In the wake of a fatal hit-and-run accident, the family members of a Gaffney woman are looking for answers as to why their loved one was taken from them. The 46-year-old woman was reportedly hit by a pickup truck as she walked on the road near the assisted living facility where she resided.

Police later located the 21-year-old pickup driver, whose vehicle was reportedly parked at the Gaffney Inn. He was arrested and charged with fatal hit and run.

Surveillance video at the assisted living facility shows the woman speaking with staff just before she left. She was walking alone at night when she was struck by the vehicle. Nine minutes passed between the time when she left the facility and the time of the collision.

Beyond any criminal charges brought against a hit-and-run driver, families of deceased victims may also have grounds for a civil claim of wrongful death. Such legal action can lead to compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses and lost income the deceased might have provided. Likewise, grieving families should be aware of their legal options in the event that a care provider’s negligence resulted in a loved one’s death.

Source: FOX Carolina, “Man denied bond in hit-and-run that killed Gaffney woman,” Derek Dellinger and Dal Kalsi, March 1, 2014

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