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A lawsuit against the Town of Cottageville involving the shooting death of a former mayor is scheduled to be begin in federal court on August 11. According to reports, the children of the former mayor of Cottageville initially filed the suit in 2012 against the town, the police department and a former police officer in response to the mayor’s shooting death by the officer, then with the Cottageville Police Department, in May 2011.

The suit alleges that the officer shot the former mayor in the chest during a confrontation and subsequent struggle, and it claims negligence on the part of the town and department in hiring the officer in 2008. The officer, who reportedly no longer works for the CPD, is accused of targeting the former mayor, behavior that ultimately led to the shooting.

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Residents of assisted living facilities are generally allowed to come and go as they please. They may be asked to sign in and out so that staff members are aware of the residents’ whereabouts, but assisted living facilities typically offer residents more mobility than would a nursing home. However, depending on the circumstances of a particular case, negligence on the part of facility staff could still factor into why a resident suffered injuries.

In the wake of a fatal hit-and-run accident, the family members of a Gaffney woman are looking for answers as to why their loved one was taken from them. The 46-year-old woman was reportedly hit by a pickup truck as she walked on the road near the assisted living facility where she resided.

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As our loved ones age the topic of what to do about their care inevitably comes up in conversation. In-home care can be incredibly expensive and isn’t something many families can afford, while nursing homes consistently crop up in news reports telling of the unsafe conditions many facilities across the United States provide.

If a family is unable to care for their loved one themselves, this leaves assisted living homes as their only choice. But as some investigators are discovering, these facilities may not be as safe as people might think due to minimal state and federal regulations. And in a multimillion dollar industry that will only get bigger as more Baby Boomers age, this could mean an increase in wrongful deaths across the nation.

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