Trial for death of South Carolina mayor set for August

A lawsuit against the Town of Cottageville involving the shooting death of a former mayor is scheduled to be begin in federal court on August 11. According to reports, the children of the former mayor of Cottageville initially filed the suit in 2012 against the town, the police department and a former police officer in response to the mayor’s shooting death by the officer, then with the Cottageville Police Department, in May 2011.

The suit alleges that the officer shot the former mayor in the chest during a confrontation and subsequent struggle, and it claims negligence on the part of the town and department in hiring the officer in 2008. The officer, who reportedly no longer works for the CPD, is accused of targeting the former mayor, behavior that ultimately led to the shooting.

The police officer also worked at several other police departments prior to his employment with the town of Cottageville. His employment history reportedly indicates multiple terminations and claims of misconduct or brutality.

The loss of loved one due to the negligence of another person or entity is never easy. However, when a death occurs at the hands of a person employed by a city or government agency despite the person’s questionable background, the family of the victim may be able to hold both the person responsible for their loved one’s death and the entity who hired that person liable for the death through a wrongful death lawsuit. If the Cottageville claim is successful, it might encourage the town to employ more stringent hiring practices in addition to awarding the family financial compensation for the former mayor’s loss.

Source: WISTV, “Wrongful death lawsuit against Town of Cottageville set for August“, July 29, 2014

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