Recent Recalls Could Affect South Carolina Consumers

South Carolina product liability lawsuits can arise from many different types of products – automobiles, prescription medications, and household goods, just to name a few. Sometimes, manufacturers issue recalls for certain products once they have knowledge of possible defects or dangerous proclivities.

Although not every product that is the subject of litigation is recalled (and, likewise, not every recalled product ends up being the focus of mass tort litigation), it is important that individuals and families stay abreast of recall information in order to avoid as many potentially dangerous products as possible.

Where to Look for Recall Information

The federal government maintains a website with links to pages listing recalls in several different categories: consumer products; foods, medicines, and cosmetics; meat and poultry products; motor vehicles; child safety seats; tires; and boats and boating safety. This website represents the efforts of several different federal regulatory agencies, each of which has the responsibility to provide the public with the latest recall information with regard to a certain type of product.

Generally speaking, the information maintained on this website is kept up-to-date, listing even the very latest recalls. With the current government shutdown, however, there may be a delay in posting some information.

Recent Motor Vehicle Recalls

Cars, trucks, and other vehicles may be recalled due to a problem that affects a relatively small number of vehicles (such as a recent recall of certain 2018 Mercedes-Benz sedans that possible have a steering coupling issue that could, in the worst case scenario, reduce a driver’s ability to steer the car and increase the risk of a crash), or a recall may affect tens of millions of cars, trucks, SUVs, and/or minivans (like the ongoing,¬†massive recall of approximately 37 million vehicles – including several different brands, makes, and models – due to potential airbag safety issues).

If keeping up with each and every recall issued by the federal government sounds like too time-consuming and difficult a task, there is some good news. The National Highway Transportation  Safety Administration has a website through which a consumer can find out whether there are any recalls pertinent to his or her specific automobile. You do have to have the VIN (vehicle identification number), but once this information is entered the website will provide the latest information on any recalls in which your car or truck is included, along with helpful information about what to do if your vehicle has been recalled.

Other Helpful Information for Consumers

One of the most widely-publicized recalls of last year involved lettuce – a normally healthy product that, due to possible contamination, could cause terrible sickness and even death. While that particular recall has presumably expired, there are several other food items that have been recalled just in the past few days. These include certain lunch box sandwiches, (possible listeria monocytogenes contamination), cheesecakes (potentially containing salmonella), and potato chips (may trigger allergic reactions due to an undeclared milk product).

Speak to an Established South Carolina Product Liability Attorney

Unfortunately, defective and potentially dangerous products are all around us. While not every bad product causes serious personal injury or wrongful death, a great many do. If you or a loved one has been hurt because of a poorly designed, defective, or unreasonably dangerous product, please call the experienced South Carolina product liability attorneys at the Patrick E. Knie Law Offices in Spartanburg or Greenville. Just dial 864-582-5118 to schedule an appointment.

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